Framing Desperation

Danny Boyle Film Festival

O B J E C T I V E    To organize and design the materials for a multi-day film festival featuring a popular director, where five of the director’s films will be screened. Each of the films must share a common thread, and this thread will be used as the inspiration for the design of the festival itself.

S O L U T I O N S    I selected Danny Boyle as the filmmaker to highlight for this project. I am intrigued by the way his lead characters take you along for the ride, pushing forward with excitement and energy and dreams­—until, of course, the price for those choices must be paid. As a criteria to select the films to screen for the festival I came up with the follzowing thread: “Fast-paced, exciting and risky adventures turn desperate for urban young adults. Through surreal dreams and nightmares, thrills turn sour, and in the end, a high price must be paid to overcome bad choices that were made.” To reflect the right feel of Boyle’s work, I shot my own photography in a unique style, and developed a visual system to highlight the film festival via print, web and motion graphics.