Framing Diversity

Revlon Rebranding

O B J E C T I V E    Take Revlon—a foundational beauty brand with over 80 years of legacy—and extend it into the future for a younger, always connected and diverse audience.

S O L U T I O N S    I started this project by coming up with a new tagline which I feel reflects the new target customers for the brand extension: Exploring the Beauty and Excitement of Diversity. For these customers, the Revlon brand centers around the diversity that the world offers and the beauty that can be found within it. In the new world of Revlon, women can begin to see themselves as women of the world, one filled with adventure and different ways of looking at beauty. In addition to defining a new logo, I also looked at how Revlon’s brand could extend into areas such as education and travel, as well as begin to offer additional merchandise in the areas of clothing, home decor and world groceries.

Branding guidelines (excerpt)