Framing Harmony

Double Delight Tea Cups Packaging

O B J E C T I V E    To create a set of glassware that is packaged with smart structures. My main goal was to create a package around the glassware that really stands out and acts as a selling point for the product. Being simple and minimal in its construction, the packaging must use materials that appear beautiful yet durable, and appeal to an eco-friendly audience.

S O L U T I O N S    I got my inspiration for this design by looking at the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. Starting with a focus on the symbol for double happiness and the use of deep red, which is the traditional wedding color in China, I then structured the packaging to emulate the style of the latticework found in the window frames of old Chinese temples and homes. I also explored the use of new materials made from biodegradable and renewable sources that reduce waste, as well as pack the uniquely crafted products with smart structures that appear beautiful yet durable.